Moldovan National Army Receives US Aid

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The American Embassy in Chisinau announced this information, noting that in 31 years, the US Government, through the US European Command, provided more than 123 million dollars of military assistance, training and education. It also refers to $36 million of humanitarian aid, allocated at the request of the current and previous Moldovan Governments, reports. “The today’s planned defence supply agreement was concluded in 2019 and is just one of many examples of how the United States is proud to partner with Moldova to ensure a more prosperous, democratic and secure future for all its citizens,” the US Embassy in Moldova said. No other details are given. In their turn, the Moldovan Defence Ministry said that the National Army would receive aid from the US Government. The aid is being delivered to Chisinau by plane amid modernizing the National Army and increasing Moldova’s defence capacity. The Defence Ministry is to provide details later.