Ministry of Energy: Renewables Can Replace MGRES Electricity

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The renewable energy sources can replace electricity generated from Russian gas at power plants in the Transnistrian region. Tenders for 105 megawatts of wind and 60 megawatts of solar capacity are on the way. In fact, these auctions are a method of subsidization, a guarantee that producers will sell their energy within these limits for the next 15 years. “The more energy sources there are, the easier it will be to integrate into the Romanian market,” said Carolina Novac, State Secretary of the Moldovan Ministry of Energy. “The first tenders for large renewable energy projects, both wind and solar, will allow us have more electricity produced from these sources that can be traded on the platform of a market operator, which we expect will also be in the Republic of Moldova. Imagine that this liquidity will be derived from several sources and not predominantly from one, as in the case of the Cuciurgan power plant. In addition, we have dual tariff, bid tariff, night tariff. With diversity of sources, tariffs will also be linked to these renewable sources. Moreover, at the end of next year, we will be able to link the electricity markets of Moldova and Romania and receive more electricity,” Carolina Novac said.