Janis Mazeiks: I Urge the Moldovan Government to Buy Gas

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In an interview with Radio Chisinau, European Union Ambassador to Chisinau Janis Mazeiks emphasized the significant efforts made by the EU to support Moldova in the energy sector over the past two years. The ambassador noted that the support included not only expertise, but also financing to help meet the needs of households and alleviate the difficulties faced by the Moldovans during this period, bani.md reports. Janis Mazeiks said that the current situation in Moldova in terms of energy security is much better than in the previous years, especially when preparing for the winter season. The interconnections with Romania are verified and reliable, while the storage facilities of gas reserves in Ukraine and Romania contribute to ensuring a higher level of energy security. He added that the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) had granted loans for the purchase of gas, which had a positive impact on the energy sector in the country. Moreover, the gas price had significantly decreased compared to the previous year, which allowed the Moldovan government to prepare a considerable amount of reserves for the winter. Ambassador Mazeiks urged the government to continue the efforts in this respect and to keep gas reserves in order to avoid troubles during the winter. He claimed that the current situation shows that the coming winter will be easier than the previous one and that additional support of the EU will contribute to ensuring Moldova’s energy stability. “We are not expecting any crisis, but every time Moldova faced a crisis, COVID, refugees or energy, we had the opportunity to help. Don’t forget the support that was provided in all these crises. In autumn 2021, for instance, aid to Moldova exceeded €1 billion. I hope that no additional support from EU will be needed, but history has shown us that we are ready to help anytime,” Janis Mazeiks said.