Polish Foreign Ministry Says Ukrainian Pressure on Agriculture Imports Crosses the Line

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The Polish Foreign Ministry has called Ukraine’s possible complaint to the World Trade Organization over the situation with the ban on grain imports an element of pressure that will not be effective. Szymon Szynkowski vel Sek, Polish Minister for EU Affairs, said this on RMF FM. Vel Sek was asked about Ukraine’s possible complaint to the World Trade Organization. “It is a threat, and this is another element of pressure from the Ukrainian side. These elements sometimes go out of bounds of classical diplomacy on the part of Ukraine. It uses means of diplomatic pressure, sometimes non-standard, and goes beyond certain limits,” he said. According to the diplomat, the Polish side is not impressed by this, because its priority is to protect Polish farmers, Polish citizens. “And these gestures or threats do not impress us, it is just an element of pressure, but it will be pointless,” Szynkowski vel Sek claimed. In addition, he repeated what politicians of the ruling Law and Justice party have been saying for weeks: the embargo on Ukrainian goods will remain even after 15 September. “Sometimes you have to use, if there is not enough action at EU level, elements of national action, but we are struggling for decisions to be taken at EU level. We have strong arguments. They are presented by both the agriculture minister and Commissioner Wojciechowski at the level of the European Commission to continue this decision (to maintain the embargo on agriculture-imports from Ukraine. - Ed.),” Szynkowski vel Sek noted. As reported, the EU countries are still searching for a solution that would satisfy Ukraine’s neighboring countries and allow to continue helping Ukraine export grain in conditions when the route across the Black Sea is almost closed due to the Russian blockade. On 15 September, the European Commission has to lift its moratorium on imports of Ukrainian corn, wheat, rapeseed and sunflower seeds to Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. However, at least 2 countries, Poland and Hungary, intend to unilaterally extend the ban. Ukraine insists that the unilateral extension of the ban would violate the rules of the common market and the association agreement between Ukraine and the EU. According to media, the majority of EU countries are against the extension of the ban on agriculture-imports from Ukraine.