Ukraine to Decide on Free Gas Pumping from Moldova

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According to the press service of the Moldovan Economy Ministry, a 100% discount will apply to users of gas transmission networks that transport natural gas to Ukrainian storages. It is about gas pumping along the route Causeni - Grebeniki - Ananiev - Alekseevka, reports. “A similar decision on the same points is expected to be adopted in Ukraine on 9 October. These decisions are designed to make the route more attractive,” the statement said. It notes Energocom ran the “vertical corridor” of natural gas transmission between Greece and Ukraine, demonstrating its technical and economic feasibility. “The most difficult part of this route is related to the numerous entry-exit points between Moldova and Ukraine, which reduces the competitiveness of the route both logistically and commercially. Moldova and Ukraine are currently cooperating in order to further simplify this route,” the ministry said. As previously reported, last week the Moldovan Economy Ministry said that a 100% discount will be applied to the entry and exit tariff at two of four interconnection points (Grebeniki and Ananiev) of the gas transmission networks from Moldova and Ukraine.