More than 20 Russian Websites to Be Blocked in Moldova

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More than 20 Russian Internet resources will be blocked in Moldova under the decision of the Information and Security Service of Moldova (ISS). The SIS head Alexandru Mustiata signed an order on 24 October to block 22 Internet portals from Russia and another one operating within the CIS on the territory of Moldova. The decision was made on the basis of the decision of the National Commission for Emergency Situations of February 24, 2022, which granted the SIS the right to amend the list of available resources, in particular regarding “information coming from the state authorities of the state that is in a military conflict and that is recognised as an aggressor state”. Among the resources that will be blocked are the propaganda TV channel and radio Zvezda, RT, REN TV, NTV, RTR Planeta and Tsargrad. The entire list includes:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; In spring, the Politnavigator and Newsfront portals, as well as the Sputnik websites were blocked in Moldova which were launched to replace those blocked earlier.