Parlicov: Turkish Company Denied Signing Gas Contract

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Energy Minister Victor Parlicov said that the contract for the supply of natural gas to the autonomy presented by Bashkan Evghenia Gutul is a fake. Parlicov claimed that he had contacted the Turkish company that allegedly signed the document, but they had denied the existence of an agreement on gas supplies to Moldova. Moreover, the company said that they do not provide services on the gas and fossil fuel market. According to official, the document also lacks the company’s stamp, which casts doubt on its authenticity. “Shor thinks everyone is a fool and the contract published by Gutul is a fake, a lie and cannot be fulfilled. The Turkish company’s stamp is missing. In the email, the company denied that it could supply gas and that it signed such a contract. We already have confirmation that this contract is a fake. There is also no data about the German company’s activities on the gas market. The manager of this company runs a bakery in Germany,” Parlicov said at a press conference. According to Parlicov, now during the election campaign, the competitors are making certain promises, which are just a political farce. “All the hype around gas is for news, not a real attempt to deliver gas. Those who are really responsible for gas delivery are not doing this. Energocom is the institution through which we are trying to find cheap gas for all citizens, not just for certain regions. We have succeeded in doing that, and we have been hunting for good prices all summer. And now we can admit that we have certainty for consumers about prices for this winter. Yes, it differs from what Gutul promises, but we have to explain what is possible, and what has only a media connotation,” added the Energy Minister. Let us recall that two days ago, Gagauz Bashkan Evghenia Gutul promised that this winter Gagauz residents will pay 10 lei per cubic meter of gas. This happened after a Turkish company had signed a contract with a European trader. Gutul also said that negotiations will be held to introduce the same price in Taraclia district, as well as for consumers in Orhei. Later, the bashkan made public the contract that the Turkish company had signed with the Moldovan company Nordgaz Furnizare.