Grosu Sums Up PAS After General Local Elections: We Have a Lot of Work to Do

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PAS Chair Igor Grosu said that following the two rounds of the general local elections, 310 candidates for the mayor’s post from this political entity were elected. The parliament speaker also said that the ruling party has almost 360 district councilors and more than 3 thousand local councilors. On Monday morning, 20 November, Igor Grosu published the results of the party he leads after the elections. However, he did not mention that PAS candidates were not elected to head any municipality in the country after Dionisie Ternovschi, the party’s sole representative in the second round of elections, lost in Ungheni. “Thank you all for coming to the elections and expressing your opinion in choosing the people who will lead our localities. Thanks to your trust, after two rounds of voting, 310 PAS mayors - Team Europe - won. Our mayors will work for the development of villages and towns, as we promised, and for Moldova to become European. PAS has shown that we are strong at the local level. We have received popular support in the form of 357 district councilors and more than 3,000 local councilors. I thank all our teams, all the volunteers for the huge effort put in the campaign. Every door we knocked on, every person we spoke to, every newspaper distributed means important teamwork. We have a lot of work to do! I wish all the mayors and councilors who won local elections the best of luck. Let’s work together so that all Moldovans have better living conditions at home. We are moving forward towards a European Moldova!” the chair of the legislature said. After the first round of elections, PAS announced that 244 party’s candidates were elected mayor, and another 153 will participate in the second round of voting. Thus, after Sunday, 19 November, 66 out of 153 candidates were elected.