Cernauteanu on Farmers’ Protest: Criminal Case Initiated

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The head of the National Police, Viorel Cernauteanu, made statements regarding the protest organized by farmers. He claims that the organizers and demonstrators disregarded their own declarations, the rules they had to follow, and they committed a number of violations as part of the protest. “It’s a shame when people who signed the Declaration say that similar facts and illegal actions have been done before and nothing happened. Yesterday, a number of violations committed by both the organizers and the protesters were revealed. They should have strictly observed the legal norms. As long as the norms are observed, no action will be taken by the law enforcement bodies,” said Cernauteanu. He emphasized that roads were blocked, which was not stated in the declaration, and there were other violations. “A criminal case was initiated after several farmers surrounded a police car and rocked it. No one has the right to deface this property," the General Police Inspectorate chief said. The farmers started rocking the police car after they had been refused in a green corridor to the centre of the capital. Cernauteanu outlined that “cars are purchased with taxpayers’ money; nobody has the right to deface them”.