Parlicov: Moldovan Consumers Will Receive Energy and Heating at Stable Prices

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Energy Minister Victor Parlicov held a press conference on 4 December to talk about the preparation of the country’s energy system for the cold season. Moldova was ready for winter this year “much better than in all previous years”, the minister said. He did not mention the amount of natural gas stocked by Energocom for consumption in the coming period, but expressed confidence that there would be enough gas until the end of February 2024, reports. “We have gas reserves. They will be sufficient until the end of February, perhaps even further; it will depend on what temperatures we will have in this winter. I think if we need additional natural gas, we will see it in advance and be able to purchase the necessary volumes. For now, we can take comfort. We have a long-term contract with the Moldovan power plant on the left bank of the Dniester. It makes us confident about supply volumes at stable prices. We have ensured not only supply security, but also prices predictability to our citizens. Regardless of what happens on the regional gas market, if gas prices rise, we are protected, if electricity prices rise, we are protected. Consumers in Moldova will receive energy and heating at stable prices. Perhaps, I do not want to promise now, in winter some prices will be reduced (...)”, Minister Parlicov said. According to the minister, Termoelectrica will not use fuel oil during the cold season. “It is much more difficult to work on fuel oil. There is no point in using fuel oil in this cold season. But we have fuel oil reserves just in case,” the official added. Victor Parlicov said that over 30 public buildings in Balti and Chisinau had been reconnected to the central heating system over the past year. At the same time, the government will continue to reimburse some energy bills to consumers assigned an energy vulnerability category. “We are prepared for winter very well. Much better than in all previous years, so everyone can be sure that they will have heat, light, everything they need, at predictable prices. Even though we have done all of our homework, we still encourage residents to try to save money. This will not only reduce bills, but also in terms of resources, emissions, and global agenda commitments (...),” the Energy Minister explained.