Spinu: Chisinau Airport Requires Investments from 4 to 6 Billion Lei

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Chisinau Airport requires investments from 4 to 6 billion lei for modernization and the authorities are looking for a partner for this purpose. But the air harbor remains in state ownership, this issue has never even been discussed. Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu said this today, 16 January, in the Freedom programme on TV8. He said that big investments are needed to modernize the terminal of the Chisinau airport. Funds are needed to build new car parks near the air harbor. “Sor criminal group, having seized the airport, undertook to restore the runway. Despite this, unfortunately, the runway is still not in the best condition and needs investment. Investment is also needed for car parks. We need about 4-6 billion lei of investments,” the infrastructure and regional development minister claimed. According to him, the authorities are searching for an investor for the airport. Earlier, three options for investments were voiced: a new concession contract, an agreement with a company that would only manage the air harbor or a public-private partnership. In early December last year, Spinu, on TV8, did not rule out that the Chisinau International Airport could be taken over by a public-private partnership, with a possible concession or management contract. The authorities are trying to find partners willing to invest about 200 million euros in the project. For this purpose, an auction might be held, the official said at the time. By the spring of 2024, the contracts with all the companies connected with the fugitive oligarch Ilan Sor, who controlled the airport for almost 10 years through his people, should be cancelled. After the contracts are cancelled, the state will announce new tenders. The airport reverted to state ownership at the end of March 2023, after ten years during which it was run by a private business. The decision was made by the Chisinau Court of Appeal after the Public Property Agency stated that Avia Invest representatives did not fulfil their obligations envisaged in the investment programme. A debt of more than 60 million euros was accumulated. The concessionaire company responded at the time that all these statements were nothing but a method of political pressure. Avia Invest did not agree with the decision and is trying to appeal it.