Marian about Moldova Railway Head Resignation: No One Put Pressure on Him

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No one forced Moldova Railway head Oleg Tofilat to resign, the chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for Economy, Budget and Finance, Radu Marian, said on the air of the Rezoomat program on Rlive TV. He said the problems of Moldova Railway were systemic and the new director should have identified new trucking projects that could bring in more money for salaries payment. “In 2020, there were a year and a half salary arrears. A new management came in, but also the economic situation improved a bit. They decided to raise wages by 90 per cent. Moldova Railway has systemic problems with competitiveness, to be more exact, the railway infrastructure is poor and the traffic speed is very low. Unfortunately, no serious investments have been made in the railway sector for many decades,” Radu Marian said. “The railway will become truly competitive and independent on all weather and economic cycles when there is a strong infrastructure that is being worked on. It will take time. Railway infrastructure is not built in one, two or three years. In order to renovate the entire railway structure, we need 2 billion euros,” the MP said. Earlier, there were public rumors that the company’s employees had not received their salaries since autumn 2023, as well about other problems at Moldova Railway. The company’s management neither confirmed nor denied the information. Meanwhile, the company’s head Oleg Tofilat announced his resignation on 29 January.