Sor: Sandu and Recean Ruined Air Moldova

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Ilan Sor claims that “the preconditions for the carrier’s bankruptcy were created by the main sponsor of PAS, Iulian Scorpan, former director of Air Moldova”. According to the politician, Iulian Scorpan embezzled the airline during the period when he supervised it, and used the stolen money to found the HiSky airline. “Recean’s friend Iulian Scorpan, a PAS sponsor, did away with AirMoldova. He stole huge amounts from this company. The state did everything to ruin Air Moldova,” Sor said. Ilan Sor confirmed that he participated in the privatization of Air Moldova. According to him, it was the only way to revive the company. “Yes, I was directly involved in the privatization of this company. At that time, it had billions of dollars of debts formed by Scorpan. In particular, the airport became a creditor of Air Moldova so that it could develop. Half a billion was allocated annually for its maintenance”. The politician explained that Air Moldova’s revival did not please Maia Sandu and Dorin Recean, who resorted to irreversible tragic actions for the company. “The debts incurred because of Scorpan and Sandu’s pressure brought Air Moldova to its current state. Both will be criminally responsible for destroying the air carrier. Moreover, they will be responsible for giving instructions to the bank to block the money, they will be responsible for pressurizing the judges.” Sor reminded PAS that in Moldova governments change suddenly and hinted that the ruling party will suffer the same fate. “Have you seen how power changes in Moldova in 24 hours? It will happen this time, in the near future,” Ilan Sor concluded.