PAS MP Daughter Says Her Family Is a Victim of TV Justice

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The daughter of PAS MP Victoria Cazacu, customs inspector Diana Cazacu, who is a suspect in a corruption case at the Border Police station at the Chisinau International Airport, said that both she and her family have become victims of television justice. The statement was made during a press conference. “This scandal is a political one but with hidden interests. Despite the fact that I am the daughter of an MP, I have been working in public institutions for more than 10 years, I have not had a single reprimand or disciplinary penalty so far, but suddenly I find myself in the center of a scandal caused by certain personal interests and discontent. I am in the status of a suspect because there is no sufficient evidence against me,” Diana Cazacu said. At the same time, she claims she is open to any cooperation with the law and is willing to appear on any TV programme to shed light on the corruption case in which she is a suspect. “It all started in the early autumn of 2023, when the director of the Border Police, Igor Talmazan, started talking about my appointment as the head of the customs post at the airport. The then-acting chief of the post told his colleagues that I was a candidate for his position. Since then, the attitude towards me changed. I had a premonition that some unpleasant surprises might await me,” Cazacu said. According to the customs inspector, her mother, former PAS MP Victoria Cazacu, has nothing to do with her work at the Border Police. “Victoria Cazacu has nothing to do with my work, my mother is not responsible for me and I am not responsible for her either. In this regard, I want to make a public appeal to the leadership of the country. Madam President, Maia Sandu, you know us, you know about me and the results of my work, you know me as an honest person who has worked in good faith. Mr. Igor Grosu, you know better how I got into the Customs Service.... I have always believed in justice, but I have to agree with the former chairman of the Committee for Legal Affairs, Immunities and Appointments, Olesea Stamate, who said that there is too much televised justice in Moldova. I regret very much that even the highest leadership of the country, disregarding the presumption of innocence, accused me and my mother of something we did not commit. Ms. Maia Sandu, Igor Grosu, Dorin Recean, please respect constitutional rights! I also regret that Igor Talmazan had to leave his post, as he was a victim of a search at the airport too,” Cazacu said. It should be recalled that NAC officers and Chisinau municipal prosecutors conducted searches at Chisinau International Airport in a corruption case involving several customs inspectors and private individuals. This is a criminal scheme involving the systematic levying of funds from passengers to facilitate the illegal import or export of various goods from the country. Several children of MPs are allegedly involved in this corruption scheme.