Carp to Critics of Defense Spending: You Want to Repeat the 2014 Crimea Case

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The chair of the Committee for National Security, Defense and Public Order, Lilian Carp, has lashed out at opposition MPs who he says are promoting “Russian narratives” in parliament. After several members of the Communist & Socialist Bloc, as well as of the former Sor party, criticized all the measures taken by the government, including in the audiovisual field, to “protect Moldova from war”, Carp said that these messages come from the same command center - Moscow. “I’m sure those putting on a show here are the ones who get carrots from Sor to do politics. We see the same stories from all the individuals who came to the rostrum. I counted how many times they talked about investments in the military, radars, agricultural production companies, foreigners on the judicial review panel. This proves that they were receiving instructions from the same center,” Carp said. In addition, the PAS deputy noted that the representatives of the pro-Russian parliamentary opposition are very annoyed by the fact that Moldova invests in the reinforcement of the state’s defense capacity. “Guys, your biggest pain is that the Republic of Moldova is trying to invest as much as possible in the army. Because you have learnt the lesson of 1992, that we were able to resist you, your masters. That is how we managed to preserve the independence of this state. If it were not for those people who fought for independence, this place would be a mess. It hurts you that money is being invested in the defense system. You want the case of 2014 to repeat itself, when Russia annexed Crimea without a single shot,” Carp said. The MP also accused the opposition of speaking out on the radar. “Moldova should invest in an air defense system. Here was a man who made a show. He did not say that it is the Russians who should stop the war in Ukraine, but he made it clear that there is no use of this air defense system, because the Kinzhal and whatever else - Satan (Russian missiles) will come. Aren’t you tired of being the fifth column in the Republic of Moldova? You are the fifth column in the Republic of Moldova! You think how to destroy this state. Do you think you will do what you want when the Russians come here?” - Carp asked.