Popșoi on SIS Searches: Ministry Cooperates with Investigation

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Officers from the Prosecutor’s Office and the Information and Security Service searched the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of criminal proceedings. The Prosecutor’s Office says no one was detained and the details will be provided when the investigation allows. ‘The ministry is cooperating with the investigation,’ Foreign Minister Mihai Popşoi said. ‘Indeed, a number of procedural actions announced by the Prosecutor’s Office are underway, but no procedural status has been assigned and no arrests have been made. I can assure you as the head of the institution that we show all openness and cooperation in the context of the ongoing investigation,’ Minister Mihai Popşoi said. On Tuesday evening, some Telegram channels messaged that the investigation was directed against the head of the Consular Department, Vasile Mircos, who was allegedly detained after searches at his home. Foreign Minister Mihai Popşoi declined to comment. ‘I have no right to disclose more information than the Prosecutor’s Office made public,’ the Foreign Minister said. The head of the Foreign Ministry’s Consular Department, Vasile Mircos, previously worked as a counsellor at the Moldovan embassy in Germany, was a department head at the Foreign Ministry and worked at the Multilateral Cooperation Directorate.