Guțul about US Sanctions: No Surprise to Me

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The Bașkan of Gagauzia, Evghenia Guțul, described the US decision to impose sanctions against her as expected. She said that the restrictions would not be able to stop her team. According to Guțul, with sanctions imposed, ‘many more people will learn about the Gagauz’. Besides, she once again made accusations against the central authorities. ‘Seeing myself on the US sanctions lists is not a surprise to me. It was expected. Exactly as Sandu’s team behaves, so do their handlers. [...]. It makes no sense to be afraid of courts, sanctions, threats. We overcame and will overcome the obstacle course organized by Maia Sandu and her handlers,’ Guțul said in her Telegram. On the other hand, Prime Minister Dorin Recean welcomed the US decision. ‘Today, the US imposed sanctions against Evghenia Guțul for engaging in hybrid actions against the Republic of Moldova and its citizens, actions financed with money from criminal sources,’ Recean said on his Facebook. On 12 June, the United States announced the imposition of sanctions against the governor of Gagauzia, Evghenia Guțul, linked to Ilan Șor, who was convicted in absentia in Moldova. The restrictions against Guțul include a ban on entering the country and blocking all assets in the US territory. She is also barred from carrying out any transactions with US citizens.