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A few years ago, many expected that the flashpoint in the 21st century would finally shift to Asia and the Middle East. However, as the events of recent years have shown, Eastern Europe is also a potential conflict region.

The ongoing processes in the region are important to observe and understand sustainable trends, new trends and prospects. After all, major theatres of operation in the last centuries were exactly on the European continent. Great number of so called frozen conflicts still persists today: Nagorno-Karabakh, Transdniestria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. There is also a question mark over the fate of self-proclaimed ‘people’s republics’ in the east of Ukraine, unclear prospects for political settlement of the situation around Northern Cyprus, and in 2017 the movement for the independence of Catalonia has acquired new relevance. Particularly interesting are the internal political processes in the “divide” countries – primarily in Moldova and Ukraine, where the geopolitical agenda remains the dominant factor in both electoral campaigns and in general in the struggle of power elites consistently supported from various foreign capitals.

The main mission of the Regional Trends Analytics portal is to be a ‘diary’ of social-economical and political developments in the region, to become an aggregator of wealth of information that will allow monitoring of today’s processes, to obtain a balanced comprehensive analysis and forecast future development of the situation.

Our team consists of scientists, researchers, political experts, journalists, economists, lawyers from the countries of the European Union and post-Soviet states, who have embarked on the path of independent democratic development.

Main requirements for the materials published on the Regional Trends Analytics portal are relevance, impartiality (propaganda-free), substantive content and versatile consideration.

Our team is focused on geopolitical and economic processes in the countries of Eastern Europe, the Black Sea region and the Balkans.

We are interested in filling the portal with up-to-date information and we invite researchers, experts and journalists to cooperate.

Materials are accepted for publication in English, Romanian, and Russian. As far as we can, we will translate the materials sent to us into all three languages.

Materials for publication shall be sent to the email:[email protected]

We are ready to consider:

– analytical articles by the authors;

– interviews;

– opinions;

– information graphics and results of sociological research.

Requirements for materials: fairness, relevance, impartiality, scientific or journalistic style.

Extremist materials and political propaganda will not be accepted for consideration.

Publication Dates:

Within 24 hours we will review the material received and respond to you via email.


We do not limit the further use of published materials, if information from this web-site is used the link to our resource is obligatory.

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