PSRM Rejected Proposal of Maia Sandu

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The only way out of the political crisis Maia Sandu provoked by her decision is to withdraw her project on taking responsibility for the adoption of amendments to the Law on the Prosecutor’s Office. The PSRM MPs insist on this. Otherwise, a vote of no confidence in the Cabinet initiated by the socialists will be considered at a parliamentary meeting, reports. As the PSRM MP Vasile Bolea noted, the socialists considered the proposal of Maia Sandu and are ready to withdraw the vote, but in turn Sandu commit herself not to nominate candidates for prosecutor general before getting the Venice Commission opinion. - It means that there was no urgency in accepting responsibility for amending the Law on the Prosecutor’s Office. Both the Constitution and the decisions of the Constitutional Court clearly state: the procedure for taking responsibility is applied in urgent, emergency situations. And the fact that Maia Sandu made such a proposal today just shows that there was no urgency,” he said. Bolea also emphasized that the Venice Commission neither analyzes nor issues conclusions to laws that have entered into force. Point