Russia Will Sell Oil to Belarus at World Prices

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The Belarusian side did not require exclusive conditions, said First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Dmitry Krutoy. Minsk will continue to push for lower gas prices. The Russian side agreed to sell oil to the Belarusian refinery at prices set on the world market. First Deputy Prime Minister of the Belarus Government Dmitry Krutoy, On Sunday, February 9, said without specifying the clear price. This decision was made following the results of negotiations between the Presidents of Belarus and Russia Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin, which took place in Sochi on February 7. According to Krutoy, the Belarusian side did not require "any special exclusive conditions." “We want to buy oil at world prices, and no worse,” BelTA quoted. The parties agreed the indicative balance of duty-free oil supplies from Russia to Belarus for 2020, consisting of 23.5 million tons supply. Earlier, on January 1, Minsk was forced to stop the export of oil products and oil produced in the republic, as Russian companies were cut off to Belarus due to differences in oil prices and transit tariffs for Russian crude. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko gave instructions to find new oil suppliers in order to reduce the volume of Russian raw materials to 30-40% of the total demand. In 2019, Belarus imported 17.6 million tons of oil from the Russian Federation. Minsk strives for lower gas prices In addition, Minsk will continue to strive for gas supplies price reducing in negotiations with Gazprom, Dmitry Krutoy said, speaking to reporters in Minsk. According to him, "as a basic option, the price of 127 dollars (per thousand cubic meters. - Ed.) Is actually already fixed at the level of presidents."