Voronin Spoke Weather Is PCRM to Take Part in the Presidential Election

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The Communists Party Chairman Vladimir Voronin claims that the PCRM has not yet made a clear decision regarding the presidential election to be held this year. The Communist leader did not say whether the party is to nominate its own candidate or support another candidate for the presidency. At the same time, Vladimir Voronin claims that if the current system of electing the head of state (he personally considers unconstitutional), remains the same then the communists will absolutely enter the election race to dismantle it, ipn.md reports “Let's decide what forms basis, on which Constitution basis or what rules these elections will be held on. If the system remains the same, most likely, yes, we will fight only to remove unjustified and dishonest posts they occupy. Only for this purpose,” Vladimir Voronin said in the Politics of Natalia Morari program on TV8. At the same time, the Communist leader says that the mixed system of parliamentary elections, on the basis of which elections will be held in the Hincesti district, is not fair and should be abolished. For this reason, according to Vladimir Voronin, PCRM did not nominate a candidate for this election. “Secondly, what will we do with one deputy in parliament? Why would he sit there, whom to guard? This system is unfair, it must be abolished,” the chairman of PCRM said. Vladimir Voronin believes that to rectify the situation that the Republic of Moldova finds itself nowadays, it is necessary to hold early parliamentary elections, it is necessary to elect a new parliament, “which will deal with the presidential election, in relation to the activities of the Constitutional Court, and many other issues”.