Grosu: “ACUM and the Democratic Party May Begin Strategic Convergence Next Week”

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The ACUM electoral bloc and the Democratic Party are taking first steps for an open interaction in the parliament. At the same time, closer cooperation will depend on the PDM internal reform. This was announced by Igor Grosu, the head of the Action and Solidarity party faction (PAS), during “V Centre Vnimaniya” (“In the Spotlight”) program on Publika TV channel, on February 14. According to him, cooperation is necessary to maintain Moldova’s pro-European course. Grosu said he would slightly open the brackets, explaining that PAS would take some steps to start coalition-based decision making along with the PDM next week. “I can’t reveal the details, but this will relate to a more strategic cooperation between the parties, including on the foreign policy and some statements by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Aureliu Ciocoi, as well as a no-confidence vote put forward by our party and the DA party,” Grosu noted. The PAS deputy emphasized several times that much will depend on how internal reforms will be carried out in the Democratic Party. At the same time, he added, it is clear that the PDM “is ashamed to say that they are in a coalition with the socialists.” According to, PDM head Pavel Filip stated that the Democrats are open for cooperation with ACUM regarding the country’s focus. “Colleagues are negotiating, I don’t know at what stage everything is. We will inform about specific developments not in statements, but with actions. PDM is a Social Democratic party with a pro-European focus. We will support anything that matches this course,” Filip said.