Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova Need to Be Given a Chance: Poland Insists on EU Enlargement

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Vice-Marshal of the Sejm of Poland Malgožata Gosevska stated her state would insist that a prospect of European integration be provided for the participants of the Eastern Partnership project. Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova should get a chance to join European structures, reports Poland firmly adheres to the position that this project will only make sense if it gives the participating countries the prospect of joining European structures, Gosevska said in an interview with Ukrinform. “The discussion about the future of the Eastern Partnership is still ongoing among both the European Union members and the countries of the partnership. We will see how this will end in a few months,” the vice marshal of the Polish Sejm emphasized. As an example, she commented on the story of Northern Macedonia entry into the EU, which so far has not taken place. This is because negotiations were blocked by France, Denmark and the Netherlands. France has actually stated that countries’ path to the European Union is closed. They say: "We give you a chance, hope, so make reforms, change the name of the country, and we will confirm you nothing later." This is very dangerous, because no one likes to be deceived,” Gosevska said. The Polish politician is convinced that such examples create arguments for opponents to the pro-European development direction for countries of the former Soviet bloc, and also makes it difficult for the European Union to cooperate with. In particular, Malgozhata Gosevska notes that such ups and downs only fuel the actions of Russia, which is trying to show the EU in a negative light and push the Eastern Partnership countries away from it. Poland in various forums will strongly represent the need for EU enlargement. We will talk about this with the countries of Central-Eastern Europe in order to fight with the common voice for a chance for Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova to join the European structures,” concluded the Vice Marshal of the Polish Sejm.