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Debate with loud statements, as well as direct and veiled mutual accusations took place between Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase during the program on the JurnalTV channel. The DTPP leader accused the former prime minister of giving up power too easily, while Maia Sandu said that “Nastase’s opinion of Igor Dodon is better than hers”, reports. “I think you were joking when you said that I have a better opinion about Igor Dodon than yours!” the indignant leader of the DTPP said. “If you think that he would keep a government that would work for people ...”, Maia Sandu tried to explain. “You could not interpret me, at least here. Do not interpret my words because it is not good! You know very well that over the course of 5 months I have repeatedly said that he will be in prison if he tries to go against the law,” Nastase said. “No one doubts that!” Maia Sandu replied. Today, Mr. Stoianoglo sings the score of Dodon. What do you think, if you remained the prime minister, would you do the same? I'm sure not! Because I, as the Minister of the Interior, would not allow this, given all the levers and democratic pressure, which is absolutely legal,” Nastase explained, answering the question why Maia Sandu should not have taken responsibility for the Law on the Prosecutor’s Office, which led to the resignation of her government. “I don’t think that there is such a provision in the law that would allow the Minister of the Interior to tell the Prosecutor General what to do and what not,” Maia Sandu interrupted. “I have patience...You know, you know very well how Mr. Harunjen (former General Prosecutor) left. I’m talking about the force that we could use in the interests of citizens, because the prosecutor, regardless of his name, does not allow himself to work against people! ” the former Minister of Interior added. “The solution is an independent prosecutor, not one who can be scared by the Minister of the Interior,” Maia Sandu retorted. The Sandu government was dismissed on November 12, after the then-prime minister claimed responsibility for the amendments to the Prosecution Act, which stipulated that the head of the executive branch would submit a short list for the post of General Prosecutor to the High Council of Prosecutors. The coalition colleagues did not accept amendments  and dissolved the government.