Dodon: Those Who Investigated the Theft of a Billion Were Granted State Protection

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President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon claims that a number of people involved in the investigation into the theft of a billion were granted state protection. According to Dodon, the decision was made as a result of pressure put by “bandits” on those responsible for investigating and handling of cases of public interest. Statements were made by Igor Dodon during the President Answers program, reports. Referring to the hearing in the Appeals Chamber, which examined and rejected the appeal submitted by the lawyer of the former PDM leader Vladimir Plahotniuc, in connection with the arrest warrant issued in the name of the former Democrat, Dodon claims that Plahotniuc “was putting pressure on the judges,” so the hearing was postponed four times . Dodon also claims that now the judges who decided on the Plahotniuc case will be hunted by the former PDM leader. “Nobody in this country wants to return to the Plahotniuc regime, nobody wants, not only Dodon. Everything changes, nothing lasts forever. Pressure is being placed on those responsible for investigating and considering cases of public interest. We are dealing with bandits, with mafia. They are real bandits. When you press them against the wall, they start pressure and threats, including threats to life. If they were so bold as to voice threat to president’s life last year, do you think they cannot do the same for judges and prosecutors? We had very clear messages from judges and prosecutors, now, in connection with Plahotniuc’s case in the Appeals Chamber. The hearing was postponed four times. Plahotniuc provoked COVID-19 outbreak in several courts. I don’t want to blame anyone, but some judges were simply afraid. Now that they have made a decision, I know that they are hunting for them, I don’t know how things will develop further,” Dodon said. Also in this context, Dodon claims that those involved in the investigation and consideration of cases of public interest were granted state protection. “In this situation, what should we do as state leadership? Obviously, we must catch them and put them in their place, and on the other hand, we must ensure the protection of these persons involved. That is why we also decided that the State Public Health Organization, a state institution vested with these rights to provide support, state protection, to honest, dignified people who are involved in the investigation of these resonant cases of national interest. I will not give details about who and what protection was provided, but such decisions have already been made. In order to expand the possibilities for providing such support, I also put forward a legislative initiative in parliament, which will allow us, if necessary, to involve not only the state defense organizations, but also the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other structures. What are other ways to deal with bandits? You can fight the mafia like that. It is necessary to create a separate court instance in order not to escape to Cahul with Shor, this hearing has been there for 5 years. Let's make a specialized court of honest judges who will deal only with cases of national importance - the investigation of the theft of a billion and the airport. We will select the best judges and assign them only with these matters. There is such an idea, and we intend to implement it. Dear officers of the court, I want to assure you that the state will do everything possible to protect you. Do not be afraid of anyone, either Miami, the diaspora, as some call them, or a doctor, as some call Plahotniuc,” Dodon also said. President Dodon did not name the people who received state protection and bodyguard. On Monday, June 15, after being released from prison, businessman Veaceslav Platon was caught with two agents while participating in a television program. When asked whether they were agents from the state defense organization, and whether they were granted by President Dodon, Plato declined to answer.