Trump: Intelligence Found Not Credible Reports of Russia and Taliban Collusion

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US intelligence believes the information about the alleged collusion of Russia with the Taliban is not trustworthy, so it did not report on to the attention of the president and vice president of the United States. Donald Trump wrote about this on his Twitter late Sunday evening. Earlier, the Taliban allegedly received remuneration from Moscow for US soldiers in Afghanistan killing, the newspaper The New York Times reported, citing US intelligence agencies. However, the White House said yesterday that neither President Donad Trump nor Vice President Mike Pence had any intelligence reports on this. Trump called the publication "another swindle connected with Russia" and suggested that the New York Times, with the help of fake news, wants to "put the Republicans in the dark." A similar point of view shared the Russian Foreign Ministry. The Russian Embassy in the United States reported that journalists’ investigation brought to threats against diplomats. The Taliban rejected Russia's involvement in the US troops in Afghanistan killing.
  • On February 29, the United States and the Taliban signed a ceasefire agreement. The document provides for the US troops withdrawal within 14 months. In response, the Taliban pledged not to harbor terrorists in controlled territories and hold talks with the Afghan government.
  • In early March, Washington began withdrawing its military. If the Taliban do not violate the agreements, then American soldiers will leave Afghanistan within 14 months from the date of the agreement signing.