Unirea Political Movement Nominates a Presidential Candidate

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The Unirea political movement decided to nominate its candidate for the presidential election on November 1, 2020. This is a Liberal Party leader Dorin Chirtoaca. “The Unirea political movement will continue to make great efforts to identify a single unionist candidate, thereby remaining open to proposals from other unionist parties, the associative segment, academic, professional and artistic circles and the diaspora to incorporate the unionist political and electoral ideal in the upcoming presidential election,” the document says, ipn.md reports. At the same time, the Unirea Political Movement and the declared candidate Dorin Chirtoaca will initiate and participate in discussions, debates, round tables and consultations in order to find the optimal solution, coordinated with the unionist electorate. The Unirea political movement reaffirmed the need to unite the unionist political segment and called on other unionist parties to join the movement.