Gatcan Explained Why He Joined Pro Moldova. While His New Colleagues Stated about Threats

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At the Pro Moldova party press conference on June 30, MP Stefan Gatcan announced he made the decision to quit the Socialist Party (PSRM) and join Pro Moldova on his own and does not intend to change it. MPs from Pro Moldova stated about threats that coming to their representatives, noting that they will complain to law enforcement agencies and international organizations. Speaking for the first time after joining Pro Moldova, Gatcan said that his decision to leave PSRM is a result of the ruling authorities’ inaction during the crisis caused by the epidemic. “The decision to leave PSRM and join the Pro Moldova party is my own decision, no one influenced it. I tried to change the situation in the healthcare system but they did not hear me. In 2009-2010, when there was an epidemic of the H1N1 flu, I managed the epidemiological situation at the Institute for Mother and Child. Then 400 pregnant women were cured and no one died, while in the country more than 14 pregnant women died from the flu. When mistakes are made, it is better to admit them and not repeat them in the future,” Gatcan said. He said he respects the socialists and urged them to refrain from attacking him, because he does not intend changing his mind. Pro Moldova leader Andrian Candu also warned everyone who sent threats to Pro Moldova representatives that the party would complain to ambassadors, international organizations and development partners. Deputy Vladimir Cebotari announced that today party representatives were stopped under a bridge at the Telecentre and threatened with physical harm heading for Causeni. “They drove up in cars, stopped them, threatened, including with physical harm, demanding to make certain decisions. This is very similar to episodes from the TV series “The Brigade” and “Gangster Petersburg”. The 90s are long gone. In order it does not happen again as thousands of messages threatening our colleagues and their families, we will address to law enforcement agencies. We will indicate the names of those who send threats and look forward to specific measures. We have a video and audio recording of what happened,” Cebotari said. Recall that today the deputy Stefan Gatcan announced his withdrawal from the PSRM faction and further joining the Pro Moldova party. PSRM MPs Vlad Batrancea and Corneliu Furculita on June 30 said that Pro Moldova offered Stefan Gatcan $ 1.2 million for leaving the party. MPs from the PSRM called Gatcan’s actions “political prostitution” and urged him to surrender his mandate. Representatives of the PSRM then protested outside the building of the Extramed Clinic in Chisinau, co-founded by MP Stefan Gatcan. The audience called Gatcan a traitor and demanded that he surrender his mandate.