Chicu Will Try for the Third Time Submitting Budget Amendments to Deputies. Government Took Responsibility for

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On July 6, Prime Minister Ion Chicu will come to parliament for the third time to take responsibility for four bills. His two previous attempts to address the deputies failed. People’s representatives from Action and Solidarity (PAS), Platform Dignity and Truth (DA), Shor and the Pro Moldova parliamentary group boycotted parliamentary meetings on July 2 and 3. This led to quorum lack. As NM wrote earlier, during the July 1 meeting, the government, headed by Ion Chicu decided to take responsibility for amendments to the law on the unified system of remuneration in the public sector, the law on 2020 state budget, the law on the budget for social insurance and medical insurance. Deputies from the opposition did not agree with Chicu’s approach and argued that he unnecessarily resorted to the process of taking responsibility by the government so that amendments to the legislation in question should be made through parliament. This way the PAS, DA, Shor and the parliamentary group Pro Moldova deputies explained the boycott to the parliamentary sittings on July 2 and 3. Deputies do not boycott parliamentary commission meetings. So, at the parliamentary commission on foreign policy and European integration meeting, deputies voted to start a new round of negotiations on € 100 million of macro-financial assistance from the European Union allocation. Prime Minister Ion Chicu on his page on Facebook welcomed this decision, but reminded people's representatives that this amount was included in the draft amendments to the state budget, for which the Cabinet took responsibility. “While some deputies are thinking about the electorate and not about people, this money will not come to the budget. We look forward to the consciousness of all parliament members. People live in the country not the electorate, ”Chicu wrote. The deputies, on whose consciousness Chicu is counting, claim in turn that "government’s impudence has no boundaries." After the parliamentary meeting, deputy chairman of the parliament, the head of the DA faction, Alexandru Slusari said that members of the permanent bureau did not heed the opposition’s arguments and references to the decision of the Constitutional Court, which said that “the government cannot substitute parliament, especially when the parliament is functional” . “I proposed a compromise: appeal to the Cabinet from the permanent bureau and ask to withdraw the assumption of responsibility on the condition that the Parliament agrees to consider the amendments within 7 days. But that didn’t work” Slusari said. In a commentary on NM, he noted that during the faction meeting on July 6, deputies from DA will decide what to do next. He also stated that he heard no clear reasons for the government to take responsibility. “There is no other reason than the desire to be retired or the childish desire to prove something. Perhaps [Igor] Dodon wants to launch the early election process, and this is the election story. But this is unreasonable,” Slusari said. PAS deputy Sergiu Litvinenco told NM that his faction would likely boycott the July 6 meeting if nothing changes. Denis Ulanov, the Shor party deputy, also said that if the agenda is not changed, he and his fellow colleagues will boycott the meeting. “The government did not make any sense to take responsibility, we never voted against social projects. In our opinion, now everyone is doing this in order to later record it solely as a merit of the Cabinet,” Ulanov said. The deputy from the Pro Moldova parliamentary group, Sergiu Sarbu, said that the group had not yet decided whether to participate in the parliamentary meeting on July 6, but noted that the government was acting in violation of all norms. It should be noted that the PSRM and the Democratic Party now have 49 votes, except Stefan Gatcan, who wrote deputy’s mandate refusal statement and left in an unknown direction. Democrats and socialists will be able to ensure a quorum if Gatcan and independent deputy Alexandru Oleinic attend the meeting.