Diacov: PDM Will Have Its Own Candidate for President

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The Honorary Chairman of the Democratic Party, Dumitru Diacov, said that PDM will have its own candidate in the presidential election. He said this on Monday evening during a broadcast on TV8. According to him, “the party does not consider the possibility of supporting the candidacy of President Igor Dodon in the elections,” infotag.md reports. “The party must have its own candidate. I believe that this should be the party chairman Pavel Filip. But we have not discussed this issue yet, this decision should be made by the party’s National Council,” Diacov said. He did not confirm, but did not refute the allegation that he or the vice-chairman of the parliament, Monica Babuc, could become a candidate for president. “In my opinion, it would be logical and correct for the party chairman to run for president. But I can’t say whether Philip agrees or not, since we haven’t discussed it yet,” the leader of the PDM parliamentary faction said. Speaking about the early parliamentary elections, he said that “this parliament can still work”. “As long as there is a parliamentary majority, I do not exclude the possibility that some of our colleagues who have left the Pro Moldova group may return to the Democratic Party. We are open for this, I know that many of our former colleagues are disappointed and believe that they made a mistake. Such happens,” Diacov said. In his opinion, if there are early elections in the spring, the PDM is ready for them and should get a good result. “I think that the Democratic Party can get at least ten percent of the vote in these elections,” Diacov stressed.