WHO Chief Outlined Four Scenarios of the Global Coronavirus Spread

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The European scenario had large-scale outbreaks that were brought under control “thanks to the strong leadership of the countries” and the population adhering to the basic rules for preventing the spread of the virus The countries’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic around the globe can be described in four scenarios, two of which have already proved their success in fighting against the spread of coronavirus. This was announced at a briefing by the head of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhan Gebreyesus. He said that on July 12, 230,000 cases of coronavirus infection were recorded worldwide per day, with half of all new cases reported in just two countries, and almost 80% in ten countries. The press conference was broadcast on the Organization’s YouTube channel. The first two scenarios showed effectiveness in fighting the epidemic, says Gebreyesus. The head of WHO included countries in Southeast Asia, the Pacific, the Caribbean and Africa to the first group of states. “The leaders of these countries took control of the situation in their own hands and established effective communication with the population regarding the measures that should be taken,” he said. The second scenario is European, in this case “there were large-scale outbreaks that were taken under control thanks to strong leadership and the population adhering to the main measures to prevent the spread of the virus.” The third scenario includes countries which first introduced restrictive measures and then relaxed them, which led to new outbreaks of infection. “In several countries around the world, we see a dangerous increase in the number of COVID-19cases,” Gebreyesus said. In the fourth case, the countries had a sharp increase in the number of infected. “This is happening in the Americas, South Asia and several countries in Africa. America remains the epicenter of COVID-19, where more than 50% of all cases are registered,” the head of WHO said. According to him, “too many countries have gone in the wrong direction”. He did not name specific states, however, he noted that there are successful strategies and already proven ways to effectively counter the spread of coronavirus infection.