PAS Nominated Maia Sandu for President

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Maia Sandu became the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) nominee in the upcoming presidential elections this fall. Today, July 18, the PAS National Political Council, during online meeting, in which 134 members took part, unanimously decided to nominate Maia Sandu for the presidential elections in November 2020, reports. “We are ready to make every effort to win the presidential election together with Maia Sandu, the only candidate who can defeat Igor Dodon,” PAS first vice chairman Igor Grosu said. “It is a great honor for me, but also a great responsibility. We are obliged to clear the country out of the politicians who treat Moldova as a bottomless bag that helps them to get rich. I am sure that we will win this election. The time has come for people who know what our country should be like. Together we will work for the welfare of a country where there are close-knit families, happy children, where the law is one for all, and justice comes first,” Maia Sandu said.