Poland Ready to Deploy 1,000 Additional US Military

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The Polish Minister of National Defense said that the agreement with Washington will be signed in a “relatively short” term. Poland is preparing to host 1,000 US troops. Minister of National Defense Mariusz Blaszczak announced this on Friday, August 31, in Warsaw. According to him, a corresponding agreement with the United States will be signed in the near future. US President Donald Trump announced plans to increase the contingent in this country at a meeting with his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda in 2019. According to Blaszczak, the details of this proposal are now being worked out. The agreements will be signed “in a relatively short term”, he assured. At the same time, the head of the Polish defense department did not specify whether these are the military pulled out of Germany as part of the proposed rotation. “It is not our task to find out where these soldiers are from. This decision is made by the United States,” he stressed. The United States will withdraw more military from Germany than expected US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said on July 29 that the Pentagon would pull out 11,900 troops of Germany - more than previously announced. Of these, 5,600 will be moved to other NATO member states, another 6,400 will return to the United States, while many of them will be rotated in other European states, Esper explained at a press conference. As the AFP agency specified, Italy and Belgium may become possible countries of relocation. Part of the contingent is likely to go to Poland and the Baltic countries if Warsaw adheres to the agreements outlined by both sides, Esper said then. Thus, the total number of American servicemen in Germany will be reduced from 36 thousand to 24 100 people.