Sturza on Plahotniuc’s Financial Problems: Dolce Vita Is Over

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Former Moldovan Prime Minister Ion Sturza claims that former PDM leader Vladimir Plahotniuc has serious financial problems in the United States. Sturza said that Plahotniuc is in a tough position, reports with reference to “Plahotniuc is under the gun of several jurisdictions. I want to briefly tell you that the life of business people has become very difficult because an extremely restrictive money laundering law was introduced. Today, to open an account, transfer a little money, up to 10,000 euros, still works, but there are many restrictions for a larger amount. Any bank asks you what you want to do with the money, where was it taken. It is no longer so easy to deal with large sums of money, especially in the USA. That is why all the scammers around Plahotniuc took advantage of this and titled assets and money in their name. Everything got more complicated, including in Dubai. It was a shelter for many scammers, but the Americans are already there, and the scammers were forced to flee. Plahotniuc made transactions in Dubai because other jurisdictions did not accept him. It is no longer possible to do what could have been done five years ago. Dolce vita is over,” Ion Sturza said.