PDM called on PSRM, PAS and DA to Dialogue. What Do Democrats Want to Talk about

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The Democratic Party (PDM) proposed to arrange a meeting of its deputies with colleagues from the Party of Socialists (PSRM), the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) and the Platform for Dignity and Truth (DA) party. As PDM leader Pavel Filip informed on August 10, the meeting is planned to discuss the situation in agriculture, presidential elections and the epidemiological situation in the country. “This dialogue will be the evidence of a return to normal communication, will show citizens that despite things divides us, we are able to speak, offer ideas for the benefit of society. We have a lot to discuss without waiting for the next parliament session,” Filip said, adding that the Democrats do not invite the Pro Moldova group and the Shor faction and refuse any form of alliance with them. Philip said that at the planned PDM meeting, the participants will have to discuss three important issues. The first one is the difficult situation in agriculture, provoked by the drought and the opportunity to solve the problems of agricultural producers. Second, ensuring fair and transparent elections. “It is important to listen to the proposals of all parties and find an opportunity to ensure correct elections and better conditions for voting,” Filip said. According to Philip, the epidemiological situation and the possibilities to improve the lives of citizens in the current conditions is the third to discuss at the meeting. “Business activities, academic year, resumption of kindergartens - it is important to find out how all parties see all these problems. We need to unite our efforts to find the right solutions for people,” the democrat emphasized.