Chicu Explained Last Week’s Record Number of Coronavirus Infected

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Prime Minister Ion Chicu claimed that the number coronavirus confirmed cases increased significantly last week because Moldovans do not comply with the necessary measures during the epidemic. As Chicu noted on August 24 after a weekly joint meeting with the president and the speaker, if coronavirus incidence increases, the authorities will introduce new restrictive measures. “The number of confirmed coronavirus cases increased significantly last week. Last week recorded a record number of new infections since the pandemic started. This is because almost no one follows the rules. If we continue to behave like this, the number of cases will increase, and we will have to introduce new restrictions,” Chicu said. At the same time, Chicu recalled that earlier, the National Commission for Emergencies in Healthcare had allowed resuming from September 1, classes in those educational institutions which would meet all the necessary requirements for classes preparing within epidemic. However, as noted Chicu, perhaps not all schools and universities will resume work. “We hope that they will carefully prepare for children reception, observing all the necessary rules. Only those establishments that will be ready will return to work. In July, the government prepared instructions on requirements educational institutions should meet. We hope that many of them are able to prepare. But we admit that not all institutions will be allowed to return to their studies,” Chicu said. Chicu also informed that this week the Ministry of Health will publish a list of countries that are in the green and red zones of coronavirus infection risk. Chicu recalled that from September 1, Moldovan citizens arriving from the green zone countries are not required to comply with the 14-day quarantine. As for the upcoming holidays in Moldova at the end of August, Chicu said that this year they will have to be held in a "very concise format".