Sandu: Polling Stations Should Not Open on a False Information Base

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Maia Sandu said that she would contact the prosecutor's office and provide information on the journalistic investigation of fictitious voters who pre-register to elect the Moldovan president in Russia. At the same time, Sandu asks the Central Election Commission to pay attention to this fact, reported. “We will appeal to the prosecutor’s office about the information we saw in the TV8 report, and ask the CEC to pay attention to this fact so as not to allow false information provided by the socialists to serve as a basis for decisions to open polling stations,” Sandu said live on Facebook. It should be noted that the journalists of the TV8 channel visited the Moldovan village of Grinauti in the Ocnitsa region, where several employees of the mayor's office signed documents so as to register for voting in the presidential elections in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Signature lists were submitted to the CEC on 7 August. Among the signatories: the secretary of the city hall, the chief accountant, the tax collector and the driver of the city hall. These persons deny they have committed illegal actions. Some say they really intended to go to Russia, while others claim they were misled, not fully understanding why they signed the document. For example, the city hall's accountant and her husband signed standing on the road, without even delving into the essence of what they were signing. Note that earlier more than 5,300 Moldovans in Russia told authorities they intend to vote in Russia. Civil society officials say the number is eight times the number in the 2019 elections. On the basis of registration, the authorities must decide how many polling stations they will open in a given country. Watchdog Community expert Valeriu Pasa suggests that such a number of Moldovans wishing to vote in Russia may speak of process falsification. Watchdog is going to apply to the Central Election Commission and will demand verification.