Chicu on CEC Allegations: Let Politicians Present Evidence

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Ion Chicu considers accusations against the Central Election Commission unfounded. The prime minister called on politicians who loudly declare that they are preparing to falsify the election results to present evidence, if they have any, and not to mislead the public, reported. The declaration was made at a press briefing after the country's leadership meeting. Chicu recalled that the current CEC composition was elected and approved last year. "When some politicians come out with insinuations about falsification of elections, let them present evidence. In the current conditions, on the contrary it is necessary to support the CEC and not sabotage and accuse it of far-fetched things," the prime minister said. Ion Chicu also said that he informed some ambassadors “about these dangerous attacks” and is going to tell international observers about what is happening. “I once again ask politicians to build their election campaign on ideas, projects to improve life in the Republic of Moldova and not on unfounded accusations against the CEC,” he urged.