"I Informed Ambassadors about Dangerous Attacks on the CEC." Chicu on Election Fraud Allegations

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Prime Minister Ion Chicu believes politicians who accuse the Central Election Commission (CEC) of attempting to rig elections are trying to sabotage the electoral process. As noted by Chicu on September 21 after the weekly meeting of the country's leadership, he reported to some heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Moldova, about attacks on the CEC. “As we can see, some political forces continue, in my opinion, unfounded attacks on the CEC. I urge all politicians not to falsify the elections with insinuations that they are trying to rig elections,” Chicu said. He recalled that the CEC members were elected last summer. “That is, the CEC was not elected now for the upcoming elections. Therefore, politicians who come out with innuendo and accusations must present evidence. They should be aware of what such insinuations can lead to, Chicu said, accusing some politicians "of sabotaging the work of the CEC. " At the same time, Chicu did not name who exactly he meant. “I informed some of the ambassadors about these dangerous attacks on the CEC. We will certainly notify about this the observers whom we are expecting to come to Moldova and to whom the CEC has sent out invitations,” Chicu said. Chicu also stressed that the country's leadership wants all citizens to be able exercising their right to vote in elections. Therefore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration is trying to negotiate with the leaderships of other countries on opening polling stations on their territory. This is quite difficult to do within pandemic. Recall, earlier MPs from the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) Maia Sandu and Sergiu Litvinenko said that the CEC excluded the parties from the electoral process so that they could not provide financial support to their candidates in the presidential elections on November 1. Later, PAS demanded the CEC chairman Dorin Cimila’s resignation, accusing him of bias and promoting the political interests of President Igor Dodon in the presidential elections at the direction of Maxim Lebedinsky. In addition, Sandu said that according to her information Dodon will try to prevent the Moldovan diaspora from participating in the elections. Along with, as Sandu noted Dodon intends bribing the voters on the left bank of the Dniester.