Nastase Confirmed Meeting with Filip Several Times

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After it became known about Pavel Filip's meetings with PDS Chairman Maia Sandu, the leader of the DA Platform Andrei Nastase said that he also had negotiations with the Democratic leader. The last time Nastase spoke to Filip was several weeks ago in parliament. However, he refused to provide negotiations details, reported. “We met with Mr. Filip twice when we asked him to support the vote of no confidence that would lead to this disastrous government resignation. And I met with him again, also in parliament, but we didn’t make it public,” Nastase said. When asked whether they discussed possible cooperation between the DA Platform and the PDM, Nastase refused answering or saying what the formula for cooperation between the two parties could be. A few days ago, Dumitru Diacov chairman of the PDM faction said that Pavel Filip was in talks with some opposition leaders. In particular, he mentioned that the PDM leader met with the PDS chairman three or four times. However, the topic of talks was not disclosed.