Nastase: Politicians Avoid COVID Topic Fearing to Lose Votes

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The leader of the DA Platform, Andrei Nastase, made an appeal to citizens in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. He argues that citizens should be careful and politicians should motivate people to prevent the virus spread, reported. “No matter where you are, take care of yourself. Unfortunately, a close relative of mine is now fighting the infection in a hospital bed. I urge you not to follow those who say COVID does not exist. I know that few politicians will urge you to defend yourself, so they will lose points because of this. In the Republic of Moldova, about 40 percent of the population believes that there is no COVID-19 and there is no danger. I tell you: it exists and it is very dangerous. I urge you to protect yourself. I know that politicians avoid this topic, knowing that they will lose points and votes. Take care of yourself,” Andrei Nastase said to the citizens. Recall, 260 new COVID-19 infection cases were confirmed in the Republic of Moldova yesterday. This brings the total number of people infected since the start of the pandemic to 46,596 cases.