Todua: Following Belarus Shocks Might Hit Moldova

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Political scientist, member of the Executive Committee of the Civil Congress party Zurab Todua believes that following Belarus shocks might hit Moldova. He noted in an article for Nezavisimaya Gazeta that “as the election date approaches, the tension increases, Sandu has already stated that Dodon can only win if falsifications; at the same time billboards with expressive text appeared on the streets of Chisinau:“ He thinks that the elections can be stolen ", reported. The expert noted that "the right-wingers are determined and do believe if the elections result does not suit them thay can be replayed with the help of street." "Another serious problem that complicates the picture is that" the upcoming elections do not have the necessary legitimacy (due to the Constitutional Court’s and not the parliament’s decision in 2016 to direct presidential elections - "I."). That is why the presidential elections are destructive. They will involve society in another round of confrontation. The main candidates as before will split the society along the East-West line. The one who wins will become the same semi-legitimate head of state that Igor Dodon was for four years. Not a single pressing problem of the country - corruption, poverty, stagnation, depopulation, problems with pandemic and many others - will be resolved. And this will further increase people's disappointment, "he said. According to him, "the senseless and illegal presidential elections exacerbate the threat of Moldovan statehood erosion, the idea that the Republic of Moldova is incapable of being sovereign and independent, that it is a" failed state. " “Looking at the political map, it is easy to guess what kind of colossal shocks and tectonic shifts may appear if the Republic of Moldova loses its statehood, given the whole complex of geopolitical problems that linked Moldova (with Transdniestria and Gagauzia), Ukraine, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria into a single knot. All of these countries have potential territorial claims against each other. An emotional message will work: “If it is okay for others then why can't we?” If the process is launched, neither Brussels nor Washington or Moscow will stop it,” Todua noted.