UN Secretary General Is Concerned with Uncontrolled Coronavirus Situation

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Antonio Guterres noted that the number of deaths will soon exceed one million. As to the vaccines development, the UN Secretary General stated that there is no panacea for the pandemic. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said the coronavirus pandemic was out of control. "The outbreak remains out of control. The number of victims of the virus will soon exceed one million. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to rank high on a long list of global problems," he said at a press conference on Wednesday evening, September 16. Noting that many are pinning their hopes on the vaccine, Guterres stated that "there is no panacea for the pandemic." “A vaccine alone cannot resolve this crisis, and certainly not anytime soon. We need to scale up the use of new and existing tools that can help respond to new cases and provide life-saving treatment to stop transmission and save lives, especially in the next 12 months, " the head of the world organization said. Coronavirus and conspiracy theories Guterres proposed to view the vaccine as a "global public domain" that should be made available to all, warning, however, this would require a "quantum leap in funding." At the same time, the UN Secretary General expressed concern about the spread of conspiracy theories that scare people away from the planned vaccinations. "People need to be ready to get vaccinated, but the spread of vaccine misinformation is fueling vacillation hesitancy and wild conspiracy theories," he said, noting that in various countries large populations are reluctant or even outright reluctant to take the new coronavirus vaccine. "In the face of this deadly disease, we must do everything possible to stop the deadly misinformation," the UN Secretary General urged. According to the Worldometer Internet portal, the number of coronavirus infected people worldwide has exceeded 30 million, the number of deaths is above 945 thousand. The United States has suffered the most from the pandemic - almost 7 million cases of infection have been registered here, including more than 200 thousand fatal cases. In Russia, the number of infected people reached 1 079 519 people and almost 19 thousand people have died from coronavirus complications.