Candu for the Romanian Press: Moldova Is in International Isolation

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The Moldovan authorities have led the country to international isolation. This stated Andrian Candu, leader of the Pro Moldova party in an interview with the news portal PSNews, Romania. “Moldova is in international isolation. We do not have very good relations with neighboring countries, with the European Union. Everything that means European integration or European integration processes is at a very passive level of implementation. In relations with the United States, which should be viewed as strategic, is happening the same. There is a lot of work to restore international relations. Currently, we are isolated from Western states not only in terms of a pandemic but also politically, ” the politician said, quoted. When asked about relations with Romania, Candu said that the Romanian authorities have always been with Moldova " regardless the color of politicians in Bucharest, regardless the president, the government or the ruling party." “Romania has always helped Moldova. And from the political point of view, lobbying, protecting Moldova in international forums and at the same time assisting it financially, within logistics, infrastructure. Romania makes a great contribution to helping Moldova every year, both when everything is bad in the country and when everything is well,” the politician said.