Culminschi: Moldova Is One Step Away from a Failed State Today

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The Republic of Moldova is one step away from a failed state today. This statement made the executive director of the Institute for Political and Strategic Initiatives, Vladislav Culminschi. He explained that a failed state is a state where citizens either do not obey it, or where the central government is unable to meet the basic citizens’ needs. “If you ask any Moldovan citizen how he feels in this state, he will answer - we do not receive basic resources from the state,” the expert said, reported. He believes that the blame for such a situation in Moldova mostly lies with governments, but now the danger has become most understandable. “In political science, they write a lot about the middle zone and many think that Moldova is there, because neither with these ones nor with the other ones but in fact, if talking about Moldova this means the status of a failed state we are very close to. We cannot build the future on theories only we understand when we get located between those or others,” Vladislav Culminschi said. He also noted that it is wrong to call the leftist parties opponents of European integration. “We just live in two parallel realities that do not intersect. And we need social elevators so that representatives of different ethnic groups can hold government posts. It is a problem that representatives of national minorities are poorly represented in the Moldovan government. How come that in one of the Baltic countries the mayor of the capital can be a Russian, while the Romanian president is an ethnic German, and in our country such a situation is often considered unacceptable?”, The expert asks. He is sure: the residents of Moldova, whatever language they speak, need common values, meanwhile society is constantly sliding towards dividing lines. “This is a vicious circle on which politicians make good money. Our president has been a European integrator for half his career and now he acts as a person who will lead us to the EurAsEC. This means striving to stay in power by any means. And Pridnestrovie is not a conflict at all but a source of income, and to preserve that income both Russian tanks and "Gayrope" are suitable, - Vladislav Culminschi emphasized. At the same time, he admitted: geopolitics is present everywhere, and the prospects for Moldova are far from bright. “The main task of Russia is not to let Moldova go into the sphere of Western influence, because for Russia Moldova is a security line that it has outlined for itself in the post-Soviet space. What will happen to Moldova next is a secondary issue, the main task is Moldova's non-accession to NATO and the EU,” the executive director of the Institute for Political and Strategic Initiatives said. However, he is confident the situation could be worse. “The collapse of the USSR is beginning to take shape only now. You see a new wave of processes in the post-Soviet space. Geopolitical strata are in motion, and they cannot be pushed back. In many respects, it will depend on the country's elites which way the situation will take to,” concluded Vladislav Culminschi. Public debate “Lost in translation: why is the Russian-speaking voter reticent towards European integrators?” are part of the cycle “Overcoming stereotypes about European integration through communication”. The news agency IPN hosts a public debate with the support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation.