PDS: Overcoming the Pandemic Crisis Is a Priority

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Change in rhetoric on the part of PDS representatives. They say that currently, overcoming the pandemic crisis is a priority in relation to the political crisis. It is also argued that solutions can be determined even in the context of the interim government headed by Aureliu Ciocoi. On the other hand, representatives of PDM and Platform DA say that now it is necessary to approve a full-fledged government, which would ensure the immunization of the population, and only after that it would be possible to start the election campaign for early elections, ipn.md noted. DA Platform representatives say that the scenario of the head of state, according to which the dissolution of parliament is possible after March 23, is nothing more than a waste of time. According to them, keeping the interim government in power amid an acute pandemic crisis is an irresponsible step. “After talking with the members of the interim government, I became convinced that we need a full-fledged government. With this interim government we will not get far, with the exception of the Ministry of Finance, we saw its complete impotence. After March 23, most likely, there will be no circumstances for the dissolution of parliament,” said the deputy of Platform DA Alexandru Slusar during the program “Politics of Natalia Morari” on TV8. And the Democrats say that it is necessary to approve a government with full powers, given that until we have general immunization of the population, in any case, the election campaign for early elections cannot begin. “I think that no one wants us to start an election campaign with unvaccinated people, first we must have herd immunity, at least 50% of the population must be vaccinated, and only then can you hold pre-election meetings. This means 4 million doses of the vaccine, which means that every day 33-34 thousand people need to be vaccinated, one way or another, we need this time. Why don't we have a government until then?” the PDM chairman, MP Pavel Filip asked. The change in rhetoric is observed among the representatives of the PDS. According to them, at present, the solution of political problems should be left on the sidelines, and the parliament should deal with the pandemic crisis even under the conditions of an interim government. “There is a risk that this parliament will remain until 2023. Because there is a ballast in parliament that holds on to its seats and will come up with everything to keep itself in parliament. However, it is now urgent to make decisions even in the conditions of this interim government. Wanting to get political decisions, we should not forget about what is going on in our hospitals,” the acting chairman of the PDS, MP Igor Grosu said. On Thursday, March 11, the PSRM's Political Executive Council decided to appeal to the Venice Commission and the Council of Europe to urge President Sandu to abide by the Constitution and the decisions of the Constitutional Court, to begin consultations with parliamentary factions and to determine a consensus on the nomination of a candidate for the post of Prime Minister.