Chicu: Nowadays, No One Has any Desire to Unblock the Situation.

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Former Prime Minister Ion Chicu was asked if he regretted leaving the post of prime minister, and whether he would agree to return and who of the recently nominated candidates deserves the post. The questions were voiced on the air of the program Dreptul la replica (The Right to Speak), reported. Thus, Ion Chicu, who resigned stating he did it to quickly provoke early elections, replied that if he had foreseen the key persons’ behavior in the leadership, he would have thought again whether to leave or not. "Honestly, if I knew that everything would develop in such a way, when no one wants to take responsibility for anything, no one wants to take unpopular, but necessary measures, I would probably think again whether to resign on December 23. The interim leadership does not play any role, it is a government without powers, and it does not matter at all who is responsible for. If I could somehow foresee that each of the key people on whom the fate of the country depends would behave in this way, refusing to take responsibility, I would even say pursuing narrow political interests, perhaps I would have thought again on December 23rd. But I want to reiterate that at that time, I went out and announced we were leaving because we wanted to create conditions for early parliamentary elections. Parliament is discredited, and I continue to think so. Look at how fragmented society has become after the presidential elections. I thought that with the new parliamentary elections we would at least relatively restore peace in society. That is, we will protest the February 2019 elections, hold new elections as everyone wants, and will respect their result, whatever it might be. This was the general idea. The situation developed very badly, and now, of course, the idea of dissolving the parliament remains, but we see what is happening. We cannot arrange elections tomorrow or the day after tomorrow based on the real situation,” Chicu said. At the same time, the ex-prime minister noted that he would not like assessing the candidates recently nominated by the president and the parliamentary majority. “I cannot assess who is more professional, and now this is not the most important thing. I have the impression that no matter which candidate is nominated by this or that faction, they will not be judged according to professional criteria, only the one who nominated him will be taken into account. I believe that each of the nominated candidates has its own advantages. I know some of them well, others less, but now the question is not who was nominated, but that there is no desire to unblock the current situation. Someone has a goal to hold early elections as soon as possible, someone else has other goals, and, unfortunately, this creates big problems for us,” the former prime minister said. At the same time, Chicu noted he would not agree to lead the government again.