Nastase: PAS Wants the DA Platform to Simply Evaporate

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Deputy of the DA Platform Vasile Nastase spoke about the current relationship between the DA Platform and PAS. He commented on the situation in the TV show "Exclusive Interview" with Nina Dimoglo. MP Vasile Nastase said that there is no communication between the DA Platform and PAS now. "The only thing we have in common with the PAS deputies is that we sit together in parliament. We did not support their initiative last time, and they show no activity. There is some distance between us - and in relations with Maia Sandu as well. Their actions indicate they want the DA Platform to simply evaporate and abandon the right political field leaving them alone as the only party of the president," the politician says. In addition, the MP also said that the DA Platform still hopes that the government will be appointed. The politician believes that "there are forces in parliament that can generate an anti-crisis government in order to conduct normal elections, fight the pandemic, and save people's lives." "We hope that the Constitutional Court will make a decision in favor of the citizens. I would like to believe that it will make the right decision," Vasile Nastase notes.