Media: the United States Is Ready to Impose Sanctions on Russia's Sovereign Debt

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New penalties could be imposed for alleged attempts to disrupt the US elections and the SolarWinds hack. The sanctions will also affect Russian sovereign debt, The New York Times reported. The administration of US President Joe Biden is ready to impose new sanctions against Russia in response to "alleged misconduct", including the SolarWinds hack and attempts to disrupt the US elections, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday evening, April 14, citing sources. Penalty measures can be announced as early as April 15th. According to The New York Times, the new sanctions should also affect the sovereign debt of the Russian Federation. "The sanctions are likely to be tougher than previous attempts to punish Russia for interfering in the elections, they can be aimed at the country's sovereign debt," the newspaper writes. "Not just sanctions" The newspaper recalls that in February, the president's national security adviser Jake Sullivan warned that "these will not be just sanctions", they will include "a set of tools, visible and invisible." Earlier, Bloomberg reported that the new restrictive measures may affect about 10 Russian representatives and 20 legal entities. It is possible that the United States will announce the expulsion from the country of about 10 Russian representatives, including diplomats. Meanwhile, Politico reports that restrictions on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline will not be included in the new sanctions list. Despite the fact that Biden called Nord Stream 2 "a bad deal for Europe," he wants to strengthen the US relationship with Berlin, which is lobbying Washington for the pipeline continuation, Politico explains.