PSRM Proposes Prohibiting Same-Sex marriage and Child-Rearing within LGBT Families

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MPs from the Party of Socialists (PSRM) have drafted amendments to the Constitution prohibiting same-sex marriage and raising children by same-sex couples in Moldova. This announced on May 13 at a press conference deputy Vasile Bolea, Vladimir Odnostalco and Ala Darovanaia, noting that they would soon register the initiative in parliament. “You all know that over recent years, at the global and regional level, there are some forces that threaten the traditional values of not only Moldovan society, but also the values of societies in other countries of the world. We believe that it is necessary to improve the Constitution and propose to amend Article 48 of the Constitution, according to which the state prohibits marriage between same-sex people. The amendments also stipulate that the child must have a male father and a female mother,” Bolea said, noting that these provisions are spelled out in the constitutions of Romania, Poland, Russia and Hungary. Bolea specified that today deputies will collect the necessary signatures and register the initiative. Vladimir Odnostalco spoke about other similar initiatives that are being prepared, which propose to introduce criminal liability, including for promoting same-sex relationships in the media. Odnostalco said as well that the PSRM will insist on Moldova rejecting the Istanbul Convention, which "clearly lobbies for these obscenities and kills our family values." It should be noted that, according to Article 48 of the Constitution of Moldova, “the family is based on a marriage concluded by mutual consent of a man and a woman, on their equality and on the right and duty of parents to raise, breed and educate children”.